By Ana Masreya (other events)

Fri, Mar 6 2020 10:00 PM Sat, Mar 7 2020 4:00 AM

NEFERTITTIES!!! The girls are back back back again! We‘ve rested, rejuvenated, rebooted & recharged! We didn’t come to play, we came to SLAY baby! This time: in CHEETAH. You ready for the gags we’ve got planned for you?! nooo you aren’t!!! listen closely b!!! 

For the first time ever: The Cheetah Gurlz are hitting the main stage of The Paper Box for a GROUP NUMBER at 11:30PM sharp! That’s right! Think pop girl group REALNESS. yes geerrrrl! Koko Rokoko, Eva Laurent and I have it ON for you!!! Kindly note- The Cheetah Gurlz are NOT to be confused with The Cheetah Girls! This is NOT a Disney approved production. But baby, that’s not all! For the first time eveeer, NEFERTITTIES will have her premiere Asian Queen! A true beauty! The Asian Sensation representing the Philippines! Diva Soria!!!!

You think that’s it? Bish plz! We haven’t gotten to the fag- I mean gag yet!! Wait for it. pause We will be joined by the lovely, the incredible, the beautiful Mona Eltahawy who will share her powerful wisdom with us!!!! Babe - we know one thing for sure- at NEFERTITTIES, we’re always fu*king the patriarchy left, right, n center with elegance, class, and LOVE! DJ FURSA will be accompanied by DJ Mariam for a special TABLAAA set

One last thing! The Queen of the Nile requests all attendees wear their finest cheetah print!!! (Obviously this is optional!) But common. Don’t be a downer. Imagine how FUN it would be if everyone was wearing cheetah print!!!! What a moOoOooD!!!

$13 in adv. / $15 on door! You don’t wanna miss this one!!! NEFERTITTIES... helllooo!!!!

Legendary Cheetah flyer by babe Maya Feero!!!!

PSA: no cheetahs were harmed in the development of this production.